Questions to Ask When Buying Contacts Online

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Buying Contact Lenses Online is convenient; it only takes a few clicks of the mouse to make a purchase. While some brick-and-mortar stores sell online, an online-only retailer may be more difficult to evaluate, and not all have the selection and service buyers are looking for. When choosing an online contact lens retailer, put them to the test by asking the following questions.

Are Phone Orders Accepted?

This is an easy way to determine the size and reliability of a contact lens retailer. If a company accepts phone orders, they’re a true mail-order company, and not just a person running a website and ordering from the manufacturer.

When Will the Order Ship?

A smaller, lower-volume company may only stock common prescriptions. If the company has to get the lenses after a customer places an order, delivery may take longer than expected. During the order placement process, a reputable seller should say whether the product is in stock and provide a firm shipping date. The seller must contact the buyer’s eye care professional to verify the prescription, which may delay the shipment further.

Can the Company be Trusted With Sensitive Financial Info?

There’s always a bit of risk in buying from an online seller. Before buying contact lenses, a customer should thoroughly research the company by reading its online reviews and asking others about their experiences.

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Is There a Customer Service Department?

It’s quite rare, but problems do arise when people buy contact lenses online. Reputable sellers should provide a web contact form and a toll-free phone number, even if they sell exclusively online. When a customer places an order, they should call the number provided; if an answering service picks up, it’s likely a back-room company.

What’s the Company’s Return Policy?

If a person buys a large supply of lenses and their prescription changes, they should ensure the company will accept unopened boxes for store credit. Furthermore, ask what happens if a shipment is damaged during transit.

Are Colored Contacts Available Online?

Buying colored contacts is the same as purchasing clear lenses, and buyers should be just as selective about where they buy. Even if someone has 20/20 vision, they can buy special effect or theatrical lenses to change the look of their eyes. However, they’ll still need a prescription from an eye care practitioner.

Buying contacts online doesn’t have to be difficult, but it does require some effort and research. By asking these questions and following these tips, users can find the right lenses for their needs.

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